When Booking your dog a groom you undertake to abide by the following rules!

Please also ensure to read the Flea Policy on a separate page.

BOOKING - Booking  of a groom can be done online or by messaging 0468535485.

PAYMENT- Payment of a groom is preferably done please by bank transfer as per bank details below or else  cash on the day. It can also be done when booking online via this website. 

REFUNDS - Refunds from prepayment are given at 100% for cancelled appointments if more than 48 hours notice is given and 50% returned if 48 < 24 hours notice is given. If you require a refund please email or sms to receive this. The refund will not be automatically processed. In exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the owner refunds within the 24 hour period may be considered

THE CLIENT'S RESPONSIBILITY When an appointment is booked either verbally over the phone, via sms or online the client accepts the responsibility to pay the account for the agreed groom and also to both arrive   and to collect their groomed dog at the  time agreed. Where a client does not settle in full they will not be welcomed back for further grooms unless financial recompense made.

The groomer will attempt to contact the client prior to the groom to check they are coming but the client must not rely on this or use the lack of this facility as an excuse for forgetting. Booking the groom involves the client accepting responsibility to diarize the day and time requested.

Grooming the Dog

Booking Rules

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APPOINTMENT TIMES You will be charged for your appointment as per the time booked not from when you arrive. The groomer may not need all of the booked time and you will only be charged for time used. However, lateness from the client will not be taken into account when charging. The groom will be affected if a client is late and the groomer may not be able to complete the usual standard groom for time booked.

The client accepts on booking that they must manage their diary to meet the agreed drop off and collection times. The groomer cannot be expected to contact the client and may only do so if the groom is predicted to take significantly less time than predicted. 


CHARGES FOR LATE COLLECTION -- The groomer may be willing to negotiate early drop off or late collection by prior appointment only.  This is dependent on client numbers and doggy daycare attendees. Please do not assume that your dog/s can be accommodated if you are unable for any reason to collect your dog on time. For clients who are repeatedly late (more than twice) will be informed that for subsequent appointments a late fee will be charged $5 per every 5 minutes they are late past the scheduled collection time. This is because the supervision of dogs beyond their scheduled appointment has to undertaken by additional staff members for the safety of all dogs under our care.

DOGGY DAYCARE - In order to safely manage dogs of different sizes and temperaments whilst the groomer is busy grooming, it is necessary employ additional  supervision for the duration and this is why a fee for the service is charged to clients.  Doggy daycare users will need supervision whilst they play to avoid potential injury or inappropriate behavior causing anxiety and harm to others. Any client request for their dog to stay and be supervised outside their scheduled appointment time will incur the same advertised fee being charged. Places are limited and must be strictly monitored for safety reasons. You will not be able to turn up for your appointment expecting to leave your dog if doggy daycare has not been booked (unless in exceptional circumstances approved by the groomer).

SAFETY - The  principle groomer is  an ANKC Registered breeder and has sound knowledge of different types of dogs with varying coats and understands the needs of managing those coats long term. If however unlikely, an accident occurs and your dog is injured then firstly the owner has 30 years of nursing experience to manage most emergency situations and secondly the owner is fully insured to pay for any expense incurred to the client as a result of their dog requiring veterinary treatment.

Payments ideally by bank transfer please on or before collection, or if you prefer then credit card when booking online or cash on the day. 
Bank details:
Bank: ANZ.
Account Name: Rebecca Marshall.

BSB: 016 338.
ACC # 324654852

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