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The patented SAV-UR-FUR Deshed system was imported from USA by our Salon after years of research comparing different methods to remove excess undercoat from double coated breeds and x breeds. The system is not only painless for your dog but it is also far more effective than virtually any other method of removing the fur because it does not rely on brushing, combing or pulling and the coat literally falls off under water pressure. Shampoo and Conditioner is sucked into the system and the patented nozzle directs it exactly where it is required deep into the coat. This is invaluable the thicker the undercoat is, as most methods of distributing products barely get a chance to work down to the skin.


Even the most anxious dog will feel at ease during this effective treatment.


Deep penetration of product through dense coat allows maximum coverage with no discomfort and the extent of the de-shedding results will successfully speak for themselves. 

SAV-UR-FUR is used all over the world by specialist groomers and yet the secret of its success and effectiveness is not widely known in Western Australia. We are proud to be a pioneering grooming Salon and look forward to your dog benefitting from this fantastic technology.

Please feel free to watch any of the video clips below illustrating the system in use.

Deshedding with a difference!!