If you need to book your dog for all or part of the day for daycare alongside your groom Please book "drop and go"to book the daycare and then allocate your groom ideally to fit with when you would like to collect your dog. If you book a morning groom for example but don't collect dog until 5pm they may have a play and get dirty in the meantime. We want your dog to have fun with us and not to worry about



We gauge each groom on the average dog but obviously there are vast differences. Basically our grooms are charged on an hourly rate of $50. Please use the groom choices available and information attached to help you choose best fit for your dog.  If in doubt choose a longer time as you will only be charged for the time taken on the day but we can rarely add on time if it looks like taking longer. If you only want a set charge then please accept what is possible to do on your dog in that time. If your dog is anxious, excitable or has behavior issues it may not be possible to do all that you require within the time you booked.

We provide doggy daycare for those clients who cannot drop off or collect their dog to suit appointment times. Price is $40 per dog per day and drop off and collection from 6am to 6pm. If you wish to book doggy daycare please state this with the booking in the notes and indicate the time you wish to drop and collect your dog and book the grooming appointment to coincide with your expected collection time.

Multiple Dogs:
Please book one dog after the other with the relevant groom if you have two or more dogs. It is too hard to create one appointment covering multiple dogs as the possible combinations of how long it will likely take within the appointment depends on the age, size, coat and behavior of each dog.