Grooming services
Our grooming guide is based on the average dog but obviously there are vast differences. That is why we do not charge for grooming based solely on size of dog or type of clip. Our grooming options are charged at an hourly rate of $55. As a guide to how long a groom may take (and therefore how much it will cost) please use the groom choices available and information attached to help you decide the best fit for your dog.  
If in doubt, book longer grooming options, as you will only be charged for the time taken.

If you only want a set charge and book a certain grooming time, then please accept what is possible to do on your dog in that time. If your dog is anxious, excitable or has behavior issues it may not be possible to do all that you require within the time you booked.

Doggy Daycare
We provide doggy daycare for those clients who cannot drop off or collect their dog to suit appointment times. Please indicate the time you wish to drop and collect your dog and book the grooming to coincide with your collection time.

Please ensure you read the                                        section prior to booking your dog a groom.

Thank you.