Dog Wash


The one hour groom is for clients who know what they want, their dog is groomed regularly or they just require a wash and dry or quick trim.

Please accept that if you book this grooming option that the groomer is constrained by time and they will be unable to complete the groom if what you are requesting is too time consuming or your dog is anxious, unused to being groomed or difficult to keep still.

Please do not book this groom expecting the groomer to fit into a one hour groom what should take ,longer..

Guide to suggested grooming options

This service is recommended for medium to large dogs who wish to have a wash and dry only.

Smaller dogs may also receive a tidy up or quick trim in this time  but it is not guaranteed. The groomer will attend to whatever is possible in the time and it depends upon how easy the dog is to groom. Small dogs who have thick fur or who are anxious being groomed often take as long as a larger dog.

All dogs are washed using appropriate natural products, such as those for sensitive skin, puppy and de-shedding agents. Dogs all have shampoo and conditioner applied and are rinsed thoroughly and towel dried. The coat is then thoroughly dried from the skin outwards to ensure hot spots do not occur, the skin can be checked for knots and mats and the coat becomes soft and fluffy.

Smaller dogs may also fit a quick trim/nail clip/ ear clean if possible but not guaranteed in the time allowed. 

Please do not book this groom for dogs who require clipping as there is rarely enough time to provide a quality, even finish in the time and the groomer does not want to have to rush your dog or give your dog back with a groom which is substandard.