Longer groom for dogs 20 - 44kgs

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Why book with us?

We do not cause pain.

We do not rush anxious dogs.

We seek to redress the lack of trust your dog may have due to previous bad experiences.


We know that bonding with vulnerable dogs is a process which takes time and we know why this is so important.


Gaining the trust of a dog not only helps reduce anxiety they may have but helps them relax and see that the attention they are receiving is a positive experience.


We know that the time and effort at this stage pays dividends long term as your dog will look forward to future visits to us and mean that it is easier and cheaper for you to have them groomed over their lifetime.

Why book a Longer groom?

There are some dogs which do not have a regular grooming appointment, may be matted or have thick with undercoat.


Others may have behavioral issues due to anxiety from inexperience or the memory of pain or upset caused by poor grooming previously.


These and other factors may necessitate a longer grooming appointment to achieve the desired effect that the owner requests.

The state of the coat and the willingness of the dog to be groomed are the overriding factors which determine groom time.

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