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We invite all breeds of dog to be groomed and adore spending time sharing our love for all furry friends. Do not be concerned if your dog has                                          previously been anxious or upset by a groom as we take time, offer cuddles and comfort and never hurt a dog to achieve a groom.


 We are Registered Golden Retriever breeders and our principle groomer has been around animals all her life and has been a Golden Retriever

owner for many years. We regularly show our dogs, have been grooming them for years and have become very experienced, especially with the demands the double coat.
The first groom with us is really important and we recommend between 1.5 and 2 hours to wash, dry and groom each dog according to the requirements of the coat, the dog (anxiety etc) and the owner’s preferences. It allows us to see the state of the coat and be thorough, as well as fully assess how the owner's preferences can be met. It may be that subsequent grooms take less time but the initial groom really must give us time and opportunity to assess every aspect of the dog and their coat.

All puppies are free for unlimited appointments until they are 8 months of age as this help in getting them used to being handled and hearing the different noises so that when they are nearing adult size with a full coat that requires more attention they will then be used to it.

We welcome and enjoy helping in the long term management of coats which are notoriously difficult. For example, any poodle x breed where the typical long curls of the poodle are bred with a dog such a retriever with a thick undercoat can be fraught with difficulties. If the undercoat is not given a de-shedding treatment regularly, along with daily care such as brushing or wash out residue such as sand, then it is easily matted and can become very painful for the dog. The process of removing matting can not only involve pain for the dog but can be costly for the owner. We prefer to take a slow approach and combine cutting and shaving matted fur. In our experience any dog whose mats are just shaved off can involve literally ripping at the skin which causes pain if not handled correctly but also the dog is vulnerable to having its skin cut easily.

If you dog requires such special care and attention from us and you would like ongoing help and advice to manage your dog's coat please contact us. We really care about helping you and relish the opportunity to offer support and guidance long term.

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