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We invite all breeds of dog to be groomed, especially big dogs and those who may have previously had bad expereinces. Do not be concerned if your dog has                                          previously been anxious or upset by a groom as we take time, offer cuddles and comfort and never hurt a dog to achieve a groom.


 We are Registered Golden Retriever breeders and our principle groomer has been around animals all her life and has been a Golden Retriever

owner for many years. We regularly show our dogs, have been grooming them for years and have become very experienced, especially with the demands the double coat.
The first groom with us is really important because it allows us to see the state of the coat and be thorough, as well as fully assess how the owner's preferences can be met. It may be that subsequent grooms take less time but the initial groom really must be booked for long enough give us time and opportunity to assess every aspect of the dog and their coat.

We love advising clients regarding the long term management of coats which are notoriously difficult. With double coated breeds and x breeds, if the undercoat is not given a de-shedding treatment regularly then it often builds up and thickens. This occurs even if the top coat is clipped and many clients are not advised this by groomers who are not familiar with the unique requirements of the double coat. The effect is to make the dog overheat and to allow residue such as sand and soil to build up. The process is self perpetuating as the thicker the undercoat becomes, the less it dries out properly and in doing so becomes a magnet for further debris. Ultimately the dog's coat starts to become matted and can become very tightly bound to the skin and painful.


The process of removing matting involves a very real risk of cutting the dog as often the matted fur is bound tightly to the skin across a wide area. It can painful for the dog to remove this matted fur and costly for the owner. We prefer to take a slow approach in order to minimize the risk and pain for the dog. We combine the use of scissors/mat removing tools with clipping out the matted fur. The length of the fur post this procedure is almost always determined by the closeness of the mat to the skin. To avoid "bald" patches affecting the overall appearance of the dog, we have clip the rest of the coat to an even length.

If your dog requires our such special care and attention and you would like ongoing help and advice to manage your dog's coat please contact us. We really care about helping you and relish the opportunity to offer support and guidance long term. Our intentions are always guided by what is in the best interests of the dog but we always take into consideration the individual requests of each owner.

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