German Shepherd

Grooming dogs 20 -44kgs

For dogs who have been groomed regularly on a plan or within last 2 months.

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Different breeds require attention to their coat in different ways.

As well as being wash and dried thoroughly the coat needs trimming in line with the preferences of the owner.

Deshed, thinning scissor trimming and clipping where necessary in line with breed guidelines and client preferences. The goal is to neaten the coat, thin the excess undercoat, clip if necessary and make the coat more manageable.


The suggested length of coat and extent of thinning will depend upon the status of the coat and the time of year. eg. Sometimes certain dogs such as Husky naturally blow the coat periodically/seasonally.

Target areas specifically known to cause concerns such as feet, ears and feathers are assessed and neatened up.  


Nails clipped. Ears cleaned. Dogs with any degree of matting will likely need extra time.


Please discuss if you are unsure.

Why Book a Regular Groom ? 

Regular grooming helps all dogs relax and realise that they enjoy being given special attention and cuddles. Medium to large dogs are no exception so we recommend dogs attend to be groomed from as young as possible.

As a dog matures and  their coat requires more time and effort spent on it to keep in good condition then if it has been groomed from an early age, it is already at ease and so the task can be performed more easily. The long term cost to the owner is actually less and the dog is better looked after. Rather than irregular, expensive grooms the dog has a constantly well maintained coat and is happy so each groom is much quicker and less traumatic.

Regular deshedding, clipping and trimming also have many benefits for any dog.

It allows the groomer to make a regular skin check which is time consuming, potentiating removal of dangerous objects such as grass seeds, which if they became embedded would have to be surgically removed.

It also allows the dog's coat to be maintained more easily, preventing overheating, matting, and tangling which is not only uncomfortable but takes a groomer longer to resolve.

Finally, the regular management of any coat, but especially thicker coats with undercoat; mitigate against and often completely prevent the nuisance that is brought by a dog who continually sheds coat around the house.

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