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Severe Matting - Note of Caution

Please note that groomers always take care and patience when grooming a matted dog.


Despite caution and due diligence ALL OWNERS need to be aware that if they present a groomer with a severely matted dog there is ALWAYS a high risk that the groomer may cut the dog with either scissors or clippers during the groom.


This is due to it being extremely hard to cut to the base of the mat without coming into contact with folds of the dog's skin. This is why the groomer must not be rushed ever with this procedure.


When dealing with anxious dogs who may have been hurt during previous grooming procedures there is never a guarantee that the dog will remain still around sharp equipment. This is all the more likely if the dog has been heavily matted on a previous occasion.

It will be assumed that all owners acknowledge and accept ALL inherant risks associated with grooming a heavily matted dog by virtue of booking the dog and reading this information which is provided on the website and visible on entry to the grooming salon.

All owners relieve the groomer of all liability associated with grooming same matted dog. The owner on presentation of this dog assumes liability for the state of the dog's coat.

Severely Matted Groom - OPTIONS

If a dog has significant matting which extends beyond 50% of their body, no matter what breed or size they are, they are likely to require careful attention using a combination of scissors and clippers to cut away the fur.


Often the matting can be so extreme that the start and end of the matting is hard to distinguish. Folds of skin such as ears can be engulfed in one entire matt which attaches this skin to the body of the dog.


Where matting is in small lumps or extending along the length of the hair shaft it may be possible to clip directly at the matted fur with clippers and remove it easily.

With the process of checking each matted area and to avoid cutting the dog, the groomer must check every inch of the dog carefully. Sometimes each matt may need trimming to remove the bulk of it and allow visibility for skin or body parts.

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It is not usually possible to keep matted hair long as the comb attachments usually used to clip fur to a longer length just pull and rip through which is painful and not something we will ever undertake. However, if it is far enough above the skin to get clipper blades under it, the fur may come off in one piece like the pelt of a sheep.  This clipping with very short blades may be possible even if the matting is thick and widespread,

More than a 4 hour session is not often advisable due to the stress it can cause to the dog. If this is the case, it is often suggested to tackle specific areas such as head and legs in one visit and other areas in subsequent appointments.