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New for 2022

We are constantly evolving and improving our services in response to increasing demand and feedback from clients. Please see the changes below which have been implemented for 2022. If you would like to give any feedback to us we welcome this on any issue and have attached a new form below.  

Please note that some changes have also been made because despite  efforts made at the end of 2021 to ensure clients were reminded of appointment times and asked to be punctual, there were still some arriving very early or collecting late. 

Changes from January 1st 2022.

1. GROOMING PRICES will unfortunately be increased slightly this year due to inflationary pressures on all products we use, transport costs and utilities. All bookings from January will be affected unless paid in full online prior. Please check price lists via our website or on arrival at the Salon entrance prior to dropping off your dog.

2. ARRIVAL - Please arrive at the agreed start time of the appointment.

If possible please message any queries a day or so before as discussions may potentially reduce grooming time.

Appointment times agreed by clients prior cannot be moved because a client is late as this would impact the groom for the next client and affect the schedule for the whole day. 

Clients will be charged as per the booked appointment time and not when they arrive so lateness will mean a client unfortunately loses grooming time. 


3. COLLECTION - Please arrive 5 minutes early from the scheduled appointment completion time even if you arrived late.

Do not expect a call from the groomer as a reminder of when to collect your dog unless the groomer specifies this on the day.

The groomer will appear on time, handover a groomed dog and imminently expect the next scheduled dog to arrive.

When the groomer is finished it is helpful if the client is already waiting for their groomed dog rather than the groomer trying to negotiate one dog's arrival before the previous dog has been collected. 

Clients who cannot manage to keep to scheduled appointment times may unfortunately have to pay a late fee.  To incentivize clients to collect dogs on time a fee of $5 every 5 minutes will be added to the grooming cost from the scheduled end of groom time if the client is repeatedly late (more than twice). Clients will; be informed if this has occured.

4. CANCELLATION - As per booking rules, any cancellation within 24 hours of a booked groom will incur the full cost of the groom. Medical or other emergencies at the discretion of the groomer aside. Feeling unwell, forgetting about another conflicting appointment or being busy for example will not be acceptable reasons to cancel late notice.

Clients for whatever reason who cancel once at late notice will also for the short term be asked to pay in advance via the website for subsequent bookings.

5. PLEASE USE THE NEW ENTRANCE which is located to the left of the house and not via the front door as was previously requested.

There is a doorbell to alert the groomer .

The groomer will bring the groomed dog out at the scheduled time and collect at the next scheduled dog swiftly after at the start of the next groom.

The doorbell in this instance is to alert the groomer of the clients' arrival but the groomer may not immediately come out as must secure all dogs safely prior.

Please be patient as the gate will be locked for safety reasons to protect all dogs in our care. There may be other dogs in residence as well as our own, which could potentially be let loose. 

6. WE WELCOME YOUR FEEDBACK and have now included a feedback form for all comments and suggestions on our website. This is shown below.

7. TO ACCOMODATE INCREASING DEMAND  for grooming appointments and to allow more dogs to attend doggy daycare I took the decision to take on my eldest son's long term partner Amberley and mentor her in all aspects of the business.

Since the New Year 2022, Amberley has been doing mainly administrative duties during the last few months of her pregnancy (due end June 2022) . Her input with bathing, grooming, bookings and reception will allow eventually for more than one dog to be in the process of grooming with slight overlaps in appointments. It will allow me to concentrate on the groom in hand rather than answering the phone or booking in clients during the busy day. Amberley will be able to bath a dog whilst I finish off the fine details of grooming the previous dog. This way, without losing the bespoke 1-to-1 nature of our Salon, we can accommodate increases in demand at certain times.

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