Basic Groom for dogs under 20kgs

This grooming option is available for all shorter or smaller framed dogs which are groomed regularly and in a scheduled grooming program.

Dog Grooming
Dog Grooming

Overview of the groom

The outcome of this groom will vary depending on the size of the dog, the type of coat and the requirements of the owner.
Different breeds require attention to their coat in different ways.


As well as being washed and dried thoroughly the coat may need a deshed or trimming in line with the preferences of the owner.


Deshed or tidy up clipping included where necessary or scissor trimming of coat to neaten and thin .


Areas specifically known to cause concerns such as feet, ears and feathers are assessed and neatened up.  


Clipping must be done on coats which are clean or this will blunt the clipper blades. A longer clip using combs clipped on over the blade can only be attempted if the coat is devoid of matts.

Matted coats will likely need extra time and usually must be clipped short or very short as only certain blades will cut without causing the dog pain. Please discuss if you are unsure

Trimming the Fur

Regular grooming schedule

Regular grooming helps all dogs relax and realise that they enjoy being given special attention and cuddles. Small dogs are no exception so we recommend dogs attend to be groomed from as young as possible.

As a dog matures and  their coat requires more time and effort spent on it to keep in good condition then if it has been groomed from an early age, it is already at ease and so the task can be performed more easily. The long term cost to the owner is actually less and the dog is better looked after. Rather than irregular, expensive grooms the dog has a constantly well maintained coat and is happy so each groom is much quicker and less traumatic.

Regular deshedding, clipping and trimming also have many benefits for any dog.

It allows the groomer to make a regular skin check which is time consuming, potentiating removal of dangerous objects such as grass seeds, which if they became embedded would have to be surgically removed.

It also allows the dog's coat to be maintained more easily, preventing overheating, matting, and tangling which is not only uncomfortable but takes a groomer longer to resolve.

Finally, the regular management of any coat, but especially thicker coats with undercoat; mitigate against and often completely prevent the nuisance that is brought by a dog who continually sheds coat around the house.

Please note that where fur is matted and blades, scissors or matt combs are used to cut the matted fur out, there is always a risk of cutting the dog.

The groomer will always use care and patience but wherever sharp equipment is close to the skin of an animal which may jump or move , their is always a risk which may be unavoidable,. Often matted fur for example may extend over a wide area and include skin folds.

When asking the groomer to clip a dog which arrives with a matted coat, the owner acknowledges the risk to their dog of possible injury.

Trimming the Fur