Doggy Daycare

If you are unable to drop or collect your pet for their appointment; if you work full time, have a busy schedule or just want your dog to come and play for the day please book them in for doggy daycare in addition to your groom.


Ideally book the groom time to fit in with just prior to your ideal collection time to avoid them getting dirty again! Drop off from 6am and collect any time until 6pm.


We have 4 dogs of our own who love to play and we go for walks and play at the park as well as all day at home!!


Supervision of all dogs is required at all times whilst the groomer is busy grooming to mitigate against any dog being injured or experiencing the repercussions of antisocial behavior. This is the reason for charging for any dog whose owners choose to leave them outside of their scheduled appointment time.

Dog Friends

For dogs who want to have Fun!!

Let your dog come and play with us for the day. We walk in the park, visit the beach and have a fun, stimulating day with full supervision. Playing in the pool, Interaction with dogs of our size and character is great socialization for dogs of all ages.

For Owners who are unable to drop and collect around appointment times.

We understand that with work and family commitments it can be difficult to drop and collect your dog around a specific appojntment. We cannot have owners not collect their dog on time as we have a schedule of dogs coming for grooming which means the Groomer cannot supervise multiple dogs. When Daycare is booked we ensure their is someone to specifically supervise those dogs when the groomer is busy. Therefore those dogs have to be strictly booked into Daycare ahead of schedule to control numbers and manage the supervision process. There is a cost to the owner for that Daycare service to cover safe and adequate supervision. Owners cannot expect to have their dog monitored outside appointment hours without prior consent or daycare booking as it is unsafe for everyone and impacts upon other clients and their dogs. We will charge clients who are more than 15 minutes late collecting their dog as per Booking Rules.

dog running with toy