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Fleas are an inherent risk where multiple dogs come in to be groomed. We understand the implications for our own and other people's dogs of Flea transfer should even one dog attend with an infestation. They are hard to remove both from dog and environment. This implications our business on multiple levels

  • The responsibility for checking whether a dog attending a grooming appointment is free of FLEAS is the responsibility of the dog owner.

  • If any dog is SUSPECTED of having fleas based on evidence during thorough skin examination, then the groom will be ceased immediately.


  • The owner will be asked to collect the dog urgently. The groom fee will still be charged even if the groom is not complete.


  • The cost of cleaning the entire Salon area including any items which must be destroyed, and the purchase of cleaning products fit for purpose of Flea termination will be billed to the owner of the dog.


  • Chemical deep cleaning to kill Flea infestation and provide future protect for all requires 4-6 hours.  It necessitates the cancellation of all future grooms that day and forces a loss of revenue upon the groomer. This sum of lost revenue will be billed to the owner of the dog.


The Flea Policy outlined above will be sent as an sms to clients where possible and be available to sight at the Salon Entrance. Not reading the policy on arrival will not be an excuse for not knowing the policy.


These measures are important to safeguard all staff, clients and dogs who attend the salon. If you enter the salon, book your dog for a groom online or attend an appointment booked by the groomer you acknowledge the rules regarding Flea prevention and checking. You also accept financial liability for the above as the owner of the dog.

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